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  December 20, 2011
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Vinotemp launches two dual-zone wine storage options
Vinotemp's modern Two Drawer Wine and Beverage Cooler can store both cans and bottles, while the traditional 18-Bottle Cava Wine Cellar has two temperature zones and eco-friendly thermoelectric cooling technology... READ MORE
Genesis Soils Products announces Bio-Gen liquid soil amendment
Genesis developed the Bio-Gen liguid soil amendment, incorporating mycorrhizal species to induce a higher level of infectivity of "living soil" organisms. This leads to improved water and nutrient efficiencies, disease suppression and greater yields... READ MORE
Haak Systems debuts SmartRack barrel-filling control system
Haak Systems has introduced its SmartRack barrel filling control system for automatically filling wine and spirit barrels without overfilling... READ MORE
UPM Raflatac releases new RH09 hotmelt adhesive
This newly reformulated hotmelt adhesive offers improved convertibility and die-cutting, accelerating press speeds while protecting machinery from adhesive buildup... READ MORE
New dosimeter tube monitors sulfur dioxide
Nextteq LLC offers the Gastec 5DH Sulfur Dioxide direct-read length-of-stain dosimeter tube as an inexpensive way to measure airborne levels of sulfur dioxide... READ MORE
Enhanced pumping elements integrated into Moyno metering pumps
This metering pump includes enhanced pumping elements and integral VFD/motor controls that improve metering accuracy and repeatability and enhance economical and efficient performance... READ MORE
Cryopak offers new thermal modeling services
Cryopak now provides thermal modeling and simulation services, which include a standard set of processes, options and parameters leading to valid thermal simulation results for existing and new thermal packaging designs... READ MORE
Nissan Forklift premieres pneumatic tire-engine powered forklift
Nissan Forklift Corporation introduces the GO6 Series to its Platinum line, which features a larger lifting capacity coupled with a fuel-efficient diesel engine, allowing it to lift loads of up to 17,500 pounds and heights of up to 26 feet... READ MORE
Standard-Knapp unveils Versatron APT case packer
The Versatron APT excels at packing reverse tapered, locking shape, trigger and unstable bottles, flasks and other containers that are traditionally difficult to handle... READ MORE
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