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  A newsletter for managers of tasting rooms, wine clubs, and DTC wine sales
  September 2, 2011
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WISE Bites
Does your tasting room team measure up?
From over 500 mystery shops in the last two years, we know that:

•Only 21% of tasting room professionals are telling a compelling brand story.
•Less than 16% of tasting room professionals are profiling customers' buying needs.
•Only 17% of staff people are effectively selling wine club memberships.

Your team might be wonderfully entertaining as performers, but if they aren't selling, are they really performing in their role at your winery? The number of tasting room professionals who ask for the sale has actually increased in the last two years from 2009's astounding low of 22% to 30% in 2010 and 40% so far this year (as of Jun 30), but as an industry, we're still leaving 60% of our sales on the table. It's time to get to 100%.

How much revenue will you lose this week due to lack of sales training?

Source: WISE Academy, www.wineindustrysaleseducation.com

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Tasting Room Trends
Local Items Move Like Express Trains
Local products are always best sellers in tasting rooms. That's because people love to pick up things they can't get anywhere else. But it's not just what you are selling that matters, it's how you are selling and maintaining your merchandise.

Tricks of display that encourage sales
•Make merchandise look abundant.
•Thin stock is a turn off
e away to think about: how often have you been in a clothing store and it seems like everything is picked over? Chances are you are going to walk away.

Do monthly inventory analysis of non-wine items
Classify items into three groups:
•Stars are continuous sellers.
•Middlers are items that sell, but not as swiftly.
•Dogs (no explanation required).
Stars might be worth raising the price by a buck. Dogs should be moved out by discounting in a separate location.

A good display is a speed bump
If your tasting room has a middle island, that's a good example of a speed bump.
•It does not stop the customers, but slows them down to catch their attention.
•People tend to walk right by items on the sidewalls.
•Good lighting helps (it
ems in the shadows, stay in the shadows).
Source: Wine Business Monthly

Picture-4 2DtC Analysis
According to a recent study by the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University, selling wine direct to consumers effectively was rated as the most critical factor to a winery's success. Understanding trends and channels for DtC sales is imperative for your tasting room and DtC staff to productively sell wine.

Shipments of DtC wines in July, slow due to warm seasonal weather, still beat July 2010 shipments by 6% in value. Cabernet Sauvignon continues to dominate varietal market share (up 43% in value share), followed by Pinot Noir (up 19% in value share) for domestic wines shipped direct to consumer, though all major varietals grew in sales value. For more information on DtC shipment data, visit the Wine Industry Data Center.
Source: Wines & Vines/ShipCompliant Shipment Model

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