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What is OMS?

The Wines & Vines Online Marketing System (OMS) is the industry standard marketing application. Powered by the wine and grape industry's leading database, the web-based tool is designed for professionals to:

  • Improve marketing effectiveness & efficiency
  • Manage customers and sales territories
  • Identify and contact new customers
The Wines & Vines OMS enables users to create and save searches using multiple selection criteria to get highly targeted results. Search results easily output into advanced report types, including multi-line index reports, mailing labels and downloadable data exports. Reports include winery name, contact personnel (title and function), winery address, telephone number, email, bonded or virtual winery status, brands and winery case production. Searches can be updated with new criteria and multiple searches can be grouped for single output.

Benefits of Web-based Applications

The Wines & Vines OMS is a web-based application it offers a multitude of benefits over traditional software:

  • Easy access and no installation - The OMS can be accessed from any computer using a standard web browser, and there is nothing to install on your computer.
  • Automatic updates - As a web application, the OMS is continually upgraded to the latest version at no additional cost. There is nothing to download or store on your computer or server.
  • Affordable pricing - Online delivery means that you can get the benefits of this powerful application for less than standard software. Pricing is scalable to meet your business size.
  • Compatibility - As a web-based application, the OMS is compatible with all major operating systems and browsers.

Two OMS Levels

Since the Wines & Vines OMS has two versions available, OMS-Basic and OMS-Advanced. OMS Advanced provides a number of powerful enhancements, tools and frequency updates. The following describes in detail the accessibility of winery data available.

Winery Data Available

(screen view only)

  • location address
  • state/region
  • annual update

DIRECTORY SUBSCRIBER $95 (includes all above, plus):
(screen view only)

  • mailing address
  • email
  • bonded winery number
  • personnel with title
  • case production (by range)
  • additional brands
  • vineyard acreage
  • annual update with deliverability elements monthly

ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM (OMS)-BASIC $1,800 (includes all above, plus): Click to Order Now!
(downloadable data)

  • multiline index report including contacts
  • control report totals by state from above
  • mailing labels
  • personnel with function (function shows how key decisions are made)
  • above data provided in print or electronic format
  • annual update with deliverability elements updated monthly

ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM (OMS)-ADVANCED $750/QTR* (includes all above, plus): Click to Order Now!
*First payment of $1,250 including one time setup fee, total first year $3,500 (One year minimum service after start date)
(downloadable data)

  • winery parent/child hierarchy linkage
    • create searches based on related enterprises, winery companies, bonded & virtual wineries, and brands
    • determine the best point of entry for your company's sales and marketing strategy
  • specific production level
    • search by specific case production numbers instead of ranges
    • reports generated include exact case production figures
  • export on contact function
    • target prospects and manage data selections using export by function
    • powerful filters and selection tools enable access to best possible contacts
  • updated monthly
    • see new wineries as they are added to database
    • access key personnel changes and new contact information
    • stay updated on winery production changes
  • expanded search & reporting
    • average bottle price
    • custom crush (yes/no)
    • sell grapes (yes/no)
    • vineyard (yes/no)
    • new wineries to OMS
    • search and export by contact function

Features Comparison

  Deliverability updates Monthly Monthly
  Full Update Annual Monthly
  Vineyard (yes/no)    
  Custom crush (yes/no)    
  Sell grapes (yes/no)    
  New wineries to OMS    
  Search and export by contact function    
  Winery parent/child linkage    
  Average bottle price (actual & range)    
  Winery production level (specific value)    
  Winery production level (by range)    
  Bonded or virtual winery type    
  Personnel with function    
  Tasting room (yes/no)    
  Geo - County    
  Geo - Zip code by range    
  Geo - Wine region    
  Geo - State    
  Winery name or Brand    
  REPORT AVAILABILITY   Download   Download
  Search and export by contact function    
  Winery parent/child linkage    
  Average bottle price (actual & range)    
  Winery production level (specific)    
  Winery production level (by range)    
  Multi-line index report    
  Bonded or virtual winery type    
  Personnel contacts with function    
  Personnel contacts with title    
  Personnel contacts with email    
  Tasting room in operation    
  Additional brands    
  Mailing address    
  Location address    
  Winery with state/email/phone    
  Create and save searches    
  Update saved searches    
  Group multiple searches for output    
  Export to mailing labels and delimited files    
  Web-based software application    
*First payment of $1,250, $750 quarterly service thereafter (One year minimum service after start date)

    Sample data only *     
* Sample data only: varies from actual OMS data based on access level, search criteria and date updated.