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Demptos Napa Cooperage    


We offer premium French, American & Hungarian oak barrels in Burgundy, Bordeaux, Chateau Ferre & traditional formats as well as puncheons, tanks and oak products. Our most prestigious research-based barrels are the Essencia®, Paradox® and Réserve.  
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(707) 257-2628


(707) 257-1622

Sales Contact(s)

Ron Celaya

Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 694-6270

Email address:


Coby Jamieson

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (707) 480-2065

Email address:


Craig Colagrossi

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (707) 724-2263

Email address:


David Ronconi

Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (707) 724-2230

Email address:


Genevieve Ardzrooni

Sales Agent

Direct Phone: (707) 272-2489

Email address:


Tom Payette

Sales Agent

Direct Phone: (540) 672-0387

Email address:



Mailing Address

1050 Soscol Ferry Rd
Napa, CA 94558

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Location Address

1050 Soscol Ferry Rd
Napa, CA 94558

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Company Profile


Foudrier Francois, Oak In Wine, Tonnellerie Demptos

Demptos Napa Cooperage
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2634)
         Cooperage (292)
             Barrels (165)
                 Barrels (144)
             Casks (oak) (75)
                 Casks (oak) (75)
             Cooperage Supplies & Services (53)
                 Cooperage Supplies & Services (54)
             Oak Tannins (43)
                 Oak Tannins (44)
             Flavoring Agents & Color (25)
                 Flavoring Agents & Color (25)
             Oak Barrel Alternatives (84)
                 Staves (69)
                 Cubes (44)
                 Chips (67)
                 Segments (48)
         Winery Equipment (1060)
             Tanks (205)
                 Oak Tanks (29)
         Winery Supplies (370)
             Winemaking Supplies (68)
                 Home (46)

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