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Revolution Equipment Sales    


Revolution Equipment Sales is a 'Certified Pre-Owned' equipment solution for wineries and breweries. We can help you buy or sell quality used equipment with trust and integrity.  
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(707) 573-3154


(707) 573-3140

Sales Contact(s)

Ed Barr


Direct Phone: (707) 573-3154

Email address:


Mike Wlodarczyk

General Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 573-3154

Email address:


Tory Puentes

Contracts Manager



Mailing Address

3466 Brickway Blvd, Ste 104
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Location Address

3466 Brickway Blvd, Ste 104
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Company Profile


Bucher Vaslin, CME, Diemme, P&L Specialties, Tom Beard Co.


Revolution Equipment Sales is a full-service equipment solution for winery and brewery industries. We offer customers 'certified pre-owned' equipment for purchase, along with seamless service to pick up, deliver, set up of the equipment. We also make disposition of your unwanted quality equipment as effortless as possible. We buy serviceable, quality used equipment that wineries or breweries no longer need for their operations.

Revolution Equipment Sales
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2618)
         Packaging (836)
             Machinery (127)
                 Capping, Corking, Sealing (37)
                 Case Packers (23)
                 Labelers (66)
                 Packaging Machinery (48)
         Winery Equipment (1043)
             Bottling Line (142)
                 Cappers / Capsuling (52)
                 Case Packer (24)
                 Corker (38)
                 Fillers, Rotary (35)
                 Bottle Labelers (57)
             Cleaning / Sterilization Equipment (93)
                 Steam (68)
             Crushers/Destemmers (52)
                 Crushers/Destemmers (52)
             Fermentors (36)
                 Fermentation Bins (25)
             Filters / Filtration Systems (102)
                 Plate & Frame (44)
                 Cross Flow (38)
                 Lees (28)
             Forklifts (45)
                 Fuel Cell (10)
             Gauges, Tank (18)
                 Gauges, Tank (18)
             Presses (56)
                 Basket Presses (20)
                 Tank Presses (27)
                 Membranes & Bladders (39)
             Sorting Tables (37)
                 Sorting Tables (37)
             Tanks (200)
                 Metal / Stainless Steel (104)
             Warehouse Equipment (22)
                 Warehouse Equipment (22)
             Used and Other Winery Equipment (62)
                 Used and Other Winery Equipment (61)
     Vineyard (975)
         Vineyard Equipment (612)
             Storage Tanks (water or chemical) (15)
                 Storage Tanks (water or chemical) (15)

Revolution Equipment Sales

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