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Paul Blatt Enterprises, Inc.    


Offering material handling supplies, plastic fermentation bins, plastic IBC/payloaders, plastic field and harvest bins, plastic pallets, plastic shovels, scoops, scrapers, brushes, squeegees, wine barrel racks. Representing DACO Corp. in Northern California.  

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(707) 527-9871


(707) 527-5767


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PO Box 3190
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

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455 Orchard St, Ste 205
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Paul Blatt Enterprises, Inc.
offers the following products and/or services:

     General (2809)
         Sales & Marketing (641)
             Consultants (129)
                 Consultants (128)
     Winery (2602)
         Cooperage (288)
             Barrel Racks / Pallets (51)
                 Barrel Racks / Pallets (51)
         Winery Equipment (1039)
             Fermentors (35)
                 Riddling (6)
                 Fermentation Bins (24)
             Tanks (202)
                 Cleaning Equipment (39)
                 Plastic (30)
             Warehouse Equipment (22)
                 Warehouse Equipment (22)
     Vineyard (991)
         Vineyard Equipment (623)
             Grape Harvest (67)
                 Harvest Bins (56)
                 Lugs (25)
         Vineyard Supplies (357)
             Other Vineyard Supplies (116)
                 Other Vineyard Supplies (115)

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