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Specialty tannins and clarifying agents, ISP PVPP; BioSpringer yeast; TMCI Padovan equipment; Red Star Yeast; Alfatek bottling; Siprem presses, destemmers, crushers, mobile filtration services, equipment repair services and parts, Stölzle glassware.  
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(707) 836-6840


(707) 836-6843

Sales Contact(s)

Luca Zanin

Owner & President

Direct Phone: (707) 975-6766

Email address:


David Douglas

Senior Director Science & Technical Division

Direct Phone: (707) 799-0915

Email address:


Jon Powell


Direct Phone: (707) 256-9056

Email address:


Rob Schuberg

Capital Sales Representative

Direct Phone: (209) 810-3948

Email address:


Russ Robbins

Winemaker & Technical Representative

Direct Phone: (707) 889-8601

Email address:


John Peter

Velocity Product Sales

Direct Phone: (707) 975-2322

Email address:


Max Buiani

Senior Director Enology Division

Direct Phone: (707) 888-5618

Email address:


Kevin McCart

Velocity Product Sales

Direct Phone: (559) 960-7633

Email address:


Kent Buckner

Senior Director PTG

Direct Phone: (707) 320-3882

Email address:


Paul Nevosh

Senior Director Velocity & Capital

Direct Phone: (805) 431-3550

Email address:



Mailing Address

1230 Shiloh Rd
Windsor, CA 95492

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Location Address

1230 Shiloh Rd
Windsor, CA 95492

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Company Profile


Alfatek, BioSpringer, CDR WineLab, Heinrich Oak Alternatives, Parsec, Red Star Yeast, Seitel, Siprem, Stölzle, TMCI Padovan


Founded as a family business in 1991, ATP is the leading supplier of acidulants, fine chemicals and production equipment to the wine, beer, food and pharmaceutical industries in North America. Our strength in the industry is unparalleled. We are the only US producer of cream of tartar and largest supplier of tartaric acid and Rochelle salt in the country. To compliment ATP's extensive portfolio, our team is made up of industry veterans, engineers, cellar masters and specialists that will ensure receiving right product at the right time to meet your production goals.

offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2701)
         Cooperage (310)
             Oak Tannins (47)
                 Oak Tannins (47)
         Tasting Rooms (473)
             Tasting Room Supplies (187)
                 Tasting Room Supplies (187)
             Wine Glasses (69)
                 Wine Glasses (56)
         Winery Equipment (1084)
             Cellars (13)
                 Cellars (13)
             Centrifuges (26)
                 Centrifuges (26)
                 Centrifuge Repair (9)
             Crushers/Destemmers (52)
                 Crushers/Destemmers (52)
             Crushpad Equipment (46)
                 Crushpad Equipment (47)
             Filters / Filtration Systems (108)
                 Cross Flow (38)
                 Lees (28)
             Presses (56)
                 Membranes & Bladders (40)
             Micro-oxygenation (19)
                 Micro-oxygenation (20)
         Winery Services (273)
             Winemaking Services (109)
                 Consulting (70)
             Mobile Filtration (21)
                 Mobile Filtration (21)
         Winery Supplies (376)
             Bacterial Cultures (24)
                 Bacterial Cultures (24)
             Chemicals (67)
                 Cleaning (39)
                 Ingredients (36)
                 Preservatives (18)
             Clarifying Agents (36)
                 Clarifying Agents (36)
             Enzymes (47)
                 Enzymes (47)
             Filters / Filtration Supplies (53)
                 Pads / Discs (51)
                 Diatomaceous Earth (DE) (13)
             Fining Agents / Isinglass (32)
                 Fining Agents (32)
                 Isinglass (13)
             Yeast Cultures & Nutrients (incl Malolactic) (53)
                 Yeast Cultures & Nutrients (incl Malolactic) (53)

American Tartaric Products, Inc.

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