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May 6, 2009 ... San Rafael, Calif. -- A third consecutive dry year is heating up debate about water resources in California's North Coast vineyards; agriculture in ... - 100k -
Unified panel examines effects on vines, fruit and wine quality. by Paul Franson. A Close Look at Water PHOTO: Avis Mandell. Water Issues In Grape Production ... - 64k -
Most of the people working to resolve California water problems seem to have a hard time understanding the economic impact that a lack of reasonably priced ... - 59k -
Even though some storms have occurred since then, continued dryness and limited frost protection and irrigation water are likely to be issues for the 2014 ... - 69k -
Water issues in the Sacramento Delta cost growers time, effort and money. The Clarksburg AVA enjoyed a very good 2008 season, with crop volume slightly ... - 174k -
While the primary ingredients of mead are honey and water, the basic recipe has .... Traditionally these problems were overcome by boiling the honey-water ... - 110k -
These 'lost vineyards' are a problem for many high-end producers, and the ... and issues concerning title, boundaries, environmental problems and water rights, ... - 103k -
Maximizing the returns (crop yield and fruit quality) and water-use efficiency ..... 2010 “Some critical issues in environmental physiology of grapevines: future ... - 115k -
Dec 23, 2009 ... That's not to say issues of importance to grapegrowers won't be on the ... adequate supply of water for agriculture by eliminating impediments to ... - 94k -
Jan 2, 2013 ... “We need to know that there are protections in place for our water sources. Until then ... They could argue that's because there are no problems. - 106k -
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