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June 2011
by Wines & Vines
Amcor helps airline industry lighten up
Societé de Vin Internationale LTEE debuted the first 1-liter PET wine bottle for the North American airline industry. Supplied by Amcor Rigid Plastics, Manchester, Mich., the lightweight container is one-eighth the weight of the previously used 430g glass container. Details:

A-B-C enhances precision with speed
A-B-C, Tarpon Springs, Fla., announced the Model 70 partition opener/inserter with a dual servo-powered partition-handling device. The absence of tools and changing parts reduces changeover time by up to 70%. Details:

Cryopak insulates pallet shipper
The RePak120CRT insulated pallet shipping container from Cryo­pak, Edison, N.J., offers thermal performance that is lightweight, easy to use and supports heavy payloads. Details:

Verallia offers eco-conceived bottles
Verallia North America announced new containers for wine customers in the United States and Canada that meet the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s new lightweight glass standards. The ECO Impulse is specifically designed for the Canadian market. Details:

Deltatrak presents bacterial-detection kits
Deltatrak’s Flashcheck Real-Time Bacterial Enzyme Detection kits identify the presence of bacteria in the field in as little as 20 minutes without the expense of laboratory testing. Details:

Seguin Moreau premiers first carbon neutral oak barrel
Seguin Moreau, Napa, Calif., now offers the world’s first carbonneutral accredited barrels, with reduced CO2 emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution of the barrels to net zero. Details:

Standard-Knapp provides gentle handling
The Versatron case packer with Soft Catch technology from Standard-Knapp, Portland, Conn., is designed for high-speed packing of fragile containers and is ideal for challenging packaging applications. Details:

Pulsair pushes Wine Cart
The Pulsair Portable Wine Cart features an entirely new valve bank allowing for easier maintenance, an improved clean air package and a redesigned touch-screen controller. Details:

Mobile productivity for winemakers
Tamarac Applications, Sonoma County, Calif., created the Winemaking App for Apple’s iPad. Winemakers can now collect their notes and data for one or many concurrent batches. Details: (707) 795-2682.

T&D upgrades data loggers
T&D Corp., Saratoga Springs, N.Y., introduced its updated Infrared Communication Type Data Loggers. The upgrade offers the features of the original TR-7U Series Data Loggers plus full-functioning infrared communication. Details:

Criveller modernizes grape hoppers
Criveller Group, Healdsburg, Calif., introduced “The Automatic Dosing Hopper,” which eliminates the employee from having to meter in grapes. The hopper uses gravity and specially designed fins to drop the clusters into the destemmer. Details:

OpticMapper senses soil
Veris Technologies, Salina, Kan., introduced the OpticMapper, a new soil sensor for mapping organic matter. The OpticMapper uses an optical sensor to map soil underneath crop residue and the soil’s surface. Details:

ITW Muller debuts Logo Wrap
ITW Muller, Arlington Heights, Ill., introduces Logo Wrap, a custom-branded film that can be applied during the normal wrapping cycle. It is a cost-effective and durable alternative to traditional hand-applied stickers or labels. Details:

E.S.I.’s GroPoint Lite sensor evolves
A newer SDI-12 version of the GroPoint Lite soil moisture sensor from Environmental Sensors Inc., Vancouver, B.C., is now available. The small, lightweight design is easy to install. Details:

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