Napa Vintners' hit halfway point toward sustainability goal

St. Helena, Calif.—The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) announced 50% of its eligible members (those who own a winery, vineyard land or both) are now in the Napa Green environmental sustainability program.

The group announced in March 2015 its goal that all eligible members will be in the Napa Green program by the end of 2020. Of the trade association’s 533 members, 435 own their own winery or vineyard land, making them eligible.

According to a press release by the NVV, Napa Green is a third-party certification program for vineyards and wineries in the Napa Valley. It employs a ‘soil to bottle’ approach to stewardship, integrating holistic management practices throughout the grape growing and winemaking process. Certification of farms and winemaking facilities is provided by the National Marine Fisheries Service, Napa County, the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Green Business Program.

“When the NVV Board of Directors set our 100% Napa Green by 2020 goal, we knew it was ambitious,” said Michael Honig, chair of the NVV board of directors and president of Honig Vineyard & Winery in the press release. “We couldn’t be more proud to be halfway there, just two years after making the announcement. Participation in Napa Green is exacting — every detail matters. Getting certified requires a high level of commitment from winery and land owners and their employees, but it’s the right thing to do for our community and for future generations.”

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