Winery & Grower Product News

December 2011
by Stephanie Papadakis
Mavrik debuts water-removal system
Mavrik North America said its Zero Impact Water Removal system removes only water—not sugar or volatiles—without using pressure or heat, and with very little energy needed. No thermal degradation or excessive volume loss is associated, Mavrik says. Details:

Treasury Wine Estates launches iCropTrak
Treasury Wine Estates and ScanControl Inc. released an app version of CropTrak vineyard-management software. This “one-stop” software combines GPS mapping, farm planning, vineyard, weather and labor data into one user interface via the iPad. Details:

Smart Papers redesigns Kromekote Label
Smart Papers has re-engineered and expanded its premium high-gloss, cast-coated Kromekote Label papers brand. It has been reformulated for improved dimensional stability in wet-glue-applied label applications. Details:

Agri-Pro introduces Double-Mist sprayer
Agri-Pro Enterprises presents the Double-Mist sprayer to the horticultural market. The double-action trigger delivers two sprays with every squeeze. Details:

Vin65 premiers Facebook e-commerce for wineries
Vin65’s new Facebook app allows visitors to view and purchase wine on a winery’s fan page without leaving Facebook. Wineries can monitor consumer interaction and manage everything in one place. Details:

T&D releases new wireless temperature logger
T&D Corp. introduced its new RTR-505Pt wireless temperature logger. It is compatible with industry standard three-wire Pt-100 sensors and accepts the industry standard three-wire screw terminal attachments. Details:

PakSense announces XpressPDF temperature-monitoring label
The size of a sugar packet, this label is flat and features an integrated USB connection point that plugs directly into a computer’s USB port. The label generates a PDF data file containing complete time and temperature history, including graphs and summary statistics. Details:

Neenah Paper reveals new Bella Label and more
The Bella Label is made with a “wet strength” additive to increase resistance to tearing or shriveling in moist environments, while the updated Environment Folding Board now includes three heavier weight calipers. Details:

Lechler: Gyro tank cleaning nozzle
Lechler’s largest free-spinning model, the Gyro tank cleaning nozzle, is designed to clean medium to large size tanks from 10 to 20 feet in diameter. Details:

filtec unveils Lasetec III laser coding system
The innovative filtec Lasetec III laser-coding system provides high-quality permanent characters, graphics, 2D data matrix codes and logos—in any orientation—on PET, plastics, carton materials, labels, glass and much more. Details:

WineWeb debuts flavor search function has enhanced its wine search functions to include wine flavor profiles. WineWeb identified more than 240 flavors through research from numerous wine tasting authorities and references. They grouped these flavors into 16 wine flavor groups to make it easy to search and select the wine flavors. All wineries can participate WineWeb’s wine-listing service and add their wines and wine flavor profiles. More than 900 wines have a wine flavor profile established.

Nomacorc manifests NomaSelector
Based on factors such as grape variety, region, winemaking style and desired shelf life, the NomaSelector provides a scientific approach to closure choice, enabling winemakers to determine the optimum closure. Details:

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