Winery & Grower Product News

January 2012
by Stephanie Papadakis
Moyno 1000 Close-Coupled pumps offer compact size
The Moyno 1000 Close-Coupled pump features a two-piece drive shaft that allows easy assembly, maintenance and mechanical seal access. It provides versatility and performance advantages. Details:

Janson Capsules expands production in Europe
Janson Capsules finished moving to a new European plant in late 2011. This new 80,000-square-foot facility houses both the Sofacap and Capsule Française businesses as well as a screwcap production line. Details:

Guala Closures purchases Polish DGS

Guala Closures just completed its purchase of a 70% stake in Polish aluminum closures manufacturer DGS from the Polish Enterprise Fund VI LP. This is the fourth acquisition for Guala Closures in the past 16 months. Details:

Wine Couture brings art and wine communities together
Wine Couture is a new web-based platform where users can submit designs for wine labels, vote on label designs and purchase wine. Details:

ETS Laboratories opens Woodinville drop-box location
ETS Laboratories opened a new drop-box location in Woodinville, Wash. For samples received by 2 p.m. Monday-Friday, results of many routine analyses are available the next working day. Details:

S’well bottle is swell for chilling whites
The S’well bottle from Can’t Live Without It Inc. keeps wine cold for 24 hours and is perfect for barbecues, beach parties and other outdoor outings. Details:

World’s largest membrane degasser
Membrana-Charlotte introduces the new 14 x 40 Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactor. Additional capacity allows degassing systems to be built using fewer contactors and connections, resulting in a smaller footprint with lower capital expense. Details:

SpectroVision Touch provides sharp optical detection
The SpectroVision Touch from filtec, a technologically advanced vision-inspection system for quality control in industrial applications, boasts inspection accuracy at speeds greater than 1,800 containers per minute. Details:

Hand-held, affordable heat-index meters
The HT-30 from Extech Instruments is a hand-held, affordable and accurate heat-index meter that measures and combines all contributing heat issues into a single value and instantly gives a reading. Details:

TTB approves Claristar Mannoproteins for use in the winery cellar
Claristar can now be used for the purpose of stabilizing wine from the precipitation of potassium bitartrate crystals, without submitting approval requests to the TTB. Details:

Two new titrators from Metrohm USA
Metrohm USA released the Ti-Touch and Wine Titrino Plus titrators.  The former offers a built-in Ethernet port; the latter features a simple push-button user interface. Details:

Portable stretch wrapping for the small winery
GaleWrap, Douglasville, Ga., has developed a small, semi-automatic line of stretch wrappers, which include the only portable system available on the market today. Control panel available in English and Spanish. Details:

Tudertechnica improves wine hose
Tudertechnica, a major Italian specialty industrial hose manufacturer, introduced Glidetech Vineyard HD, which offers improved working pressure and burst pressure. Details:

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